Battery Storage Technologies

Gelion the developer behind the new zinc-bromide battery storage technology, claim their batteries can discharge to 0% and charge back to 100% whilst withstanding high temperatures, and that they are recyclable. 

"Gelion’s battery uses materials that are abundant, inexpensive, recyclable and abuse-tolerant."

Youtube video from 2 days ago has already had 29k views.

The first Gelion stand alone power supplies were deployed around 2 years ago in Sydney, to power street lights. Today Gelion offer a stationary power supply solution and have developed lithium-ion add-ons to boost the energy density of existing lithium-ion batteries.

In August of this year 2021, Gelion also produced a mobile desalination unit and deployed it for field tests along side Sydney Harbour, and intend to extend the duration of its next deployment to satisfy all of our now, very high expectations.